BEYONDGLAM HAIR SALON by Lasandra cavalli

The client has a full head weave. we used peruvian hair. dyed the hair ombre then added the touch of pink to give the beyondglam signature look. #skittlesOmbrebybg.

Taste the rainbow…. beyondglam

So we decide to play about with our skittles ombre hair styles by adding some funky plaits to it. It was really fun doing it.

It just gives you that extra edge especially if you do not want to look like all the girls with brazilian weave extentions.

Beyondglam alwaz gives u that extra….. every little help to bring out the celebrity in you. xoxo

You have to love the colours, each person has its own unique colours to suit their lifestyle and personality . At beyondglam thats what we do for our clients. We bring them back to life.

Thats why we are “celebrities best kept secret”

SO SHHHHHHHHH keep it to yourself. lol xoxo